While it is important to project yourself, don’t molest yourself in the process.

Don’t project an image you can’t sustain, don’t just obey “beware of dogs” for caution, but also, you must internalize a mantra “beware of self-imposed pressure” that has kept many in isolated prison in an attempt to look good to the public…Don’t lose your originality because of professionalism, don’t shut the door of accessibility for public credibility.

While you should not break yourself to look like your future now, you should not also look like your past today, moderation, slow and steady growth on the upward without losing touch for excellence and without relegating the place of God, honor, diligence and patience is key…Time profits those doing nothing, if you are doing something that you are passionate and convinced about, I dare you to give it time and keep moving.

If you quit on you, people will quit on you, don’t break “You” while trying to please “Them”, take care of you, it’s one of the ways to say you love them, keeping yourself alive and healthy for their continuos pleasure. ..We are loosing many young and promising people to pressure created pressurized homes, institutions, corporations and social groups. 

You are gifted and your future is bright, but beware of the enemy within fed the enemy without called externally generated and self-coordinated pressure…The next person you should please after God is you, everyone can live their lives just as you must and will live yours. Don’t kill yourself to please anyone, and if you kill yourself while trying to please them, then where is your gain?

Great things take time but they don’t take forever, the equator is your disposition to environmental reality, self-responsibility and God’s timing. Stay alive! Stay safe! #GO 



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